The White Mountain cable cars let you undertake an enchanting trip, drawn on the movements of the earth that rises to the sky.
It is an experience which is suitable for all - as log as health problems don't allow the high altitude stay - since it doesn't require significative tracts of walking. Two cable cars to the discovery of the White Mountain, in an emotional sequence of transits suspended on glaciers and breath-taking panorama. You start from La Palud, near Courmayeur (1.325 m), to reach Le Pavillon (2.173 m), a panoramic and sunny stop, close to the naturalistic oasis del Mont Frety and the alpine botanical garden Saussurea. From Pavillon the second stump has its origin, it brings to the Turin Refuge (3.375 m). From here two terraces and, if the snow allows it, the panoramic path of the Giants allow the view at 360° on 4000 of the Alps. The panorama gives the visitor a magical wide angle on the peaks of the White Mountain, with view of the 3 majestic profiles of Cervino, of Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso. All the details about times, fees, weather, equipment recommended and parallel tour itineraries, are easily reachable on the web site of cable cars of the White Mountain.