What to do at the foot of the White Mountain



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The village of La Salle has been almost completely renovated respecting the original architecture of the preexistinting house and is placed at 1001 metres of elevation, in a sloping and very sunny position, through vineyards and orchards.

It's here, near the White Mountain, that an "ungrafted" vine variety is cultivated, that is not damaged by phylloxera, from which the famous Blanc de Morgex et La Salle, D.O.C. wine produced by the highest vine varieties in Europe, is obtained.

The parochial church of San Cassiano, completely redone at the end 800s, presents a nice Romanesque double-arched window bell tower.
The restoration of the ancient Maison Gerbollier, place of the municipal offices and also of concerts and events in the summer period, is very interesting
Just outside La Salle, at half coast, in a slightly raised area, the castle of Châtelard stands, it has high cylindrical tower which develops on the rests of three levels of fortified walls.
The Ethnographic Museum in Cheverel and the one of sacred art in the parochial church of the county seat needs to be visited.

The components of the musical group "Les Sallereins", skilled performers of the valdostan musical tradition who perform accompanied by typical instruments, such as the accordion, wearing the characteristic costume of the village come from this locality

For the lover of walks La Salle offers a wide choice of itineraries which are suitable for all needs, while in winter there are many ski mountaineering itineraries and the ones for excursions with snow rackets.