3a Planaval (1750 m) / Col Fetita (2557 m)

3 h 30'

Follow the itinerary Planaval / Col Serena (path n. 6) until under the lodge of Rantin; here there is the indicator sign with the path n. 3A which directs to the alpine pasture of Tramail-des-Ors, from where you go on for Col Fetita.

6 Planaval (1750 m) / Col Serena (2547 m)

2 h 30'

From the hamlet of Planaval you can enter the farm street which goes up through hazelnut trees and Alders until the lodges of Rantin (2400 m). Then you can get in on the right along the tracks which lead to overhead plateau and you always continue on the right until al Col Serena. The descent takes place along the itinerary of rise.

7/7a Planaval (1750 m) / Bonalé (2340 m)

2 h 15'

From the hamlet of Planaval you can go down for a short tract until crossing the small bridge. From here it is recommended to follow the route on the right which brings to the alpine pasture of Les Ecoules. You go on in the valley and then you go up along a steep path that runs along the creek on the right. The path is well traced and with numerous curves ends on the ridge near the lodge of Bonalé.

21 Morge (1625 m) / Lago Liconi (2555 m) / Colle Liconi (2674 m) - 4 h 15'

You follow the path n. 20 until the river that you cross in the easiest point to continue on the left. You pass the lodges of Villotte to reach the farm street which brings to Liconi. From here the mule track goes up in a straight line until the alpine pasture in locality Crotte and continues with some hairpin turns, increasingly accentuated, along the fall of the lake. You cross a stream and you continue the right accessing one of the numerous paths which run along the lake. Gradually you can go up to Colle Liconi.